P&V - DGTL Asset Solutions B.V.

The NFT Consultancy is one of the ramifications of the parent company P&V - DGTL Asset Solutions B.V. The business aspires to be the first one-stop destination for entrepreneurs, companies and creatives to develop NFT projects and digital assets with world-class performance. It’s their mission to assist clients building highly disruptive technologies that sincerely contribute to the current digital web 3.0 transition.

The company aims to diversify their portfolio as sustainable as possible, considering the impact on the environment while operating in their field of expertise.

As first movers in the NFT space, they selectively work with like-minded individuals that match their vision.

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Artivist is a brand new platform that combines art with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). Artivist's goal is to 'engage' in a positive and inspiring way through its artworks, which are also a news source via augmented reality. Since by purchasing an Artivist artwork you are not only donating to one of the SDGs, Due to implemented AR you also stay continuously informed about new developments surrounding the objective.

As a result, an Artivist artwork continues to excite and motivate you to engage in the conversation about major issues affecting our society. In addition, one hundred percent of the net proceeds of each Artivist collection are donated to a specific SDG project. For Artivist's kick-off collection, SDG 6 - 'clean drinking water & Sanitation for everyone' - was chosen, the proceeds of which will be donated to Simavi's Udhyami project.

IT Koopman

It is not strong who survive, but those who adapt to the changing world. We help companies and organisations differentiate themselves with digital products that are user-centric.

Every business today needs a good website, but without knowledge, it isn't easy to create one. We provide an excellent website for you to be found online.

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